Manual Wheelchairs

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For over ten years, Medical For You has strived to provide outstanding customer service. We realize that buying medical equipment is an important decision, but it might not always be possible or convenient for you to make it to the store. Put your worries at ease with simple online shopping for medical and mobility supplies.

Find the Right Fit For You

We believe in helping our customers find the wheelchair that will help them thrive. For this reason, we offer a broad selection of the top brands and wheelchair types:

Our sales associates care about your comfort and satisfaction. Instead of waiting around in a store for hours, you can view our complete inventory in minutes. If you want a simple and lighter design for easy travel, consider our lightweight manual wheelchairs. Or, if you want more space as you sit, try our heavy duty models. No matter your needs, we have something for everyone.

Get the Best Value

Medical For You sells affordable products. We offer regular discounts and free shipping within the continental United States. This way, you’ll have access to anything you need within days. With innovative products to choose from, you’ll find exactly what you need at a reasonable price. Call us at 877-737-9877 to order, or create an online account today. 

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